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Bluesky on my mind

When I sat down in a session at the SCBWI-Carolinas fall writers and illustrators weekend retreat, everyone around me was exchanging invites to Bluesky. I've had Bluesky on my mind ever since I noticed several authors sharing invitations with each other via a post on another social media platform.

Bluesky Micki Bare

My roommate for the retreat said, "I've got you. I'm sending you an invite right now!"

If you haven't heard, Bluesky is a new social media platform. It's very similar to what Twitter used to be. But you can't sign up for it. You have to be invited.

When I saw the post on the other social media platform, I looked into Bluesky. Everything I read said it was a new platform that was not well-established. I read that for those who use social media regularly, you might not want to add another one just yet.

After my retreat roommate said she was sending me an invite, I mentioned my research. Everyone in the room looked at me as if my hair was on fire. One said, "Oh, no! That's not true anymore. Bluesky has grown a lot. It already has an active community for writers and illustrators."

That's all it took to convince me. I was surrounded by experts on writer and illustrator social media communities. Everyone in the room was a writer or illustrator.

That night, I downloaded Bluesky and used my retreat roommate's invitation code to start an account.

So far, it is a lot like the old Twitter platform, except better organized. For example, I don't have to create streams. There are already streams of curated topics that I can add to my account. I also like that it is very easy to navigate and use. There was no learning curve. Also, from what I've learned, I have control over the algorithms that drive content to my streams.

Did I want another platform to maintain as an author? No. But then again, I'm not adding another platform. Rather, I'm replacing the platform I no longer use.

I'm still trying to figure out what I do and don't like about TikTok. Facebook will probably be part of the social media world for years to come. I still visit LinkedIn now and again. Instagram is one of my go-to's. But when you hear the #kidlit conversation moved to Bluesky and you're part of the #kidlit community, you expand your horizons.

Yes, Bluesky is on my mind. It's also on my phone. @mickibare

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