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Football season and writing

The start of school had me overwhelmed and underproductive when it came to my writing obligations. During every spare minute, I was planning, completing required training, organizing, and handling everything else that comes with the start of a new school year. Since I'm still in graduate school, when there was a temporary lull in the teacher work, I was catching up on my assignments.

Football and writing

But now it's football season. That means I'm over the hump and settled into my systematic routines for the school year. It also means I have built-in time for writing. Football season and writing go together (for me) like peanut butter and jelly, salt and pepper, Batman and Robin, Hansel and Gretel ... you get the picture.

On Sunday, I sit in the recliner with my laptop. The games are on the television. My eyes shift from my manuscript to the game. I automatically tune out commercials as I write in 3-5-minute spurts. If I get lost in the writing, I can always glance up to check the score. If I get lost in the game, my brain keeps working on the words until the words nag me enough to pull me back into my story.

For most, football means chili and cornbread, buffalo chicken dip, and intense rivalries. For me, despite my love for chili and cornbread and my allegiance to the Panthers and the Giants, football is a magical catalyst that pulls me back into a creative routine. By the time November rolls around, I'll be ready to submit the novel that will be released in 2024. I'll also be ready to draft the novel that'

s slated for 2025.

Go Panthers (unless they're playing the Giants)!

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