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The Journal

Journal in Pocketbook

As a writer, I have many notebooks and journals, scraps of paper, and notepads of assorted sizes filled with thoughts, ideas, and inspirations.

When I signed my 5-book contract this month, I went straight to the bookstore and picked up a brand new journal. This journal is specifically for notes related to publishing production and marketing plan thoughts, ideas, and inspirations.

The journal stays in my purse at all times. If I switch pocketbooks, I chose one big enough for this journal. The only time I don't have the journal nearby is when I shove my small wallet into my back pocket when Hubby and I do the grocery shopping. If an idea strikes me while I'm rooting through the produce for that perfect onion, I can always record a voice note on my phone, which is shoved in the opposite pocket.

The first few notes in my fresh new journal were questions I had for my publisher. Then I brainstormed ideas for the Big Announcement video.

While waiting to do a guest appearance on a local morning news show to talk about an event at work, I jotted down my thoughts on potential reviewers. While sitting at the dentist's office waiting to be called in for my cleaning, I scribbled a few ideas on cover art. After describing the journal over lunch with two dear friends, they asked me to pull it out and document a few of their ideas for book events celebrating the release of the first book.

The journal is much more than a place to record ideas. It also represents my personal commitment to making the most of this opportunity. When I see it, I reaffirm that I'm prioritizing my dream. When I write in it, I'm moving my dream further and further toward reality.

I still have notebooks and other journals, scraps of paper, and notepads of assorted sizes tucked here and there. But this particular journal is extra special right now. And it will continue to be for the next 5 years.

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