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Believe in the Double Eve

Christmas Tree on canvas by Ella Schramm

Christmas Eve Eve is my favorite day of the season. Because I grew up observing Christmas, December 23 has always been the most magical day.

Yes, Christmas Eve is warm and fun and filled with food and fellowship and presents. And Christmas Day is holy and humble and filled with food and fellowship and presents.

But it's the day before all that happens that I enjoy most.

On Christmas Eve Eve, all the chaos of the season has subsided. All the presents are under the tree. All the decorations are in place. All the holiday lights are brightly glowing. All the food is in the pantry and fridge. And best of all, the air is thick with anticipation that embraces you with the warmth of marshmallows floating in hot chocolate.

Whatever holidays you observe, I hope you'll take a moment to savor the anticipation ahead of the festivities.

Happy holidays and a happy, healthy 2021 to you and yours!

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