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Great day for a bicycle ride

If you read my newsletters, you know I bought myself a bicycle. It's a rose gold cruiser with a basket, saddlebags, a water holder, and a smartphone mount. I'm in love with it!

Posing on my 10-speed with a friend waving hello.

It was still cold and wet outside when I made the purchase. In the time since, I also bought a helmet with a battery-operated flashing light, a lockable cable, and a bright yellow safety vest.

My youngest son filmed my inaugural ride while his oldest brother stood by. You can hear them laughing in the video. I didn't go far. Just along the sidewalk in front of our house and into our driveway.

The next time I took it out, I rode two blocks to a mail box in front of the police department. There was an incline, but I must have had the wind with me. I sailed right up and easily made the trip with Hubby walking far behind. The ride back was exhilarating. It was mostly downhill.

Then, on a warm and dry day on which my only Zoom meeting was done by 9 a.m., I made an excuse to ride my beautiful rose gold cruiser (yet to be named) to work. Downtown. A mile from our house.

I messaged Hubby I was on my way.

From the first few pedals I knew I was in for a challenge. The wind was against me. The added weight of the lockable cable, water bottle, purse, and miscellaneous items didn't help. I unapologetically walked up several inclines along the way. I also used the sidewalks when they were clear of pedestrians.

I messaged Hubby I arrived.

My picture text to Hubby to alert him I made it home.

Panting and sweaty, with Jell-O legs, I parked and locked my bike just outside the office. It took longer than anticipated to take off the helmet and safety vest, put on my masks (I double mask), and grab my belongings after securing my bike. By the time I was taking my temperature and filling out the COVID-19 questionnaire with freshly sanitized hands, my heart had settled and my breathing was normal.

With my helmet under my arm as if I ride a bike to work all the time, I nonchalantly grabbed mail out of my box and sauntered to my office. As coworkers who were in the building that day noticed the bike outside and the helmet with a safety vest stuffed inside on my desk, I was greeted with giant smiles and compliments for my yet unnamed two-wheeled wonder. The smile on my face wreaked of pride for having not died of a heart attack on my first real ride.

Eight emails and bottle of water later, I shimmied into the vest, strapped on my helmet, and prepared for the return trip. Once everything was secured in the basket or a saddlebag, I realized I needed to unlock the cable and free my bicycle from the column at the office door.

I messaged Hubby I was headed back home.

The ride back was glorious. The wind was with me. Much of the ride was downhill this time, too. It was easy and so very fun to glide through town, then our neighborhood, and then zip onto the front walk.

I messaged Hubby I arrived. Unscathed.

I've since bought a rack for my car. I love riding!

I have no idea why I took a 30+ year hiatus from owning and frequently riding a bicycle. It's exhilarating, challenging, fun, and so very satisfying.

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