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Quirky, Hippie MG Author

We wear many hats in our lives. My collection includes mother, wife, aunt, daughter, caregiver, marketing director, mentor, friend, and of course, author.

Author Micki is very social. Online. In addition to my website, this blog, and monthly Micki's Latest Gossip author newsletter, I maintain a Facebook author page, an Instagram author page, an Instagram page for my main character, and Twitter, LinkedIn, and GoodReads accounts.

Author Micki, like the characters in my books, has grown and developed over the years. Author Micki is outdoorsy and concerned about environmental issues in a hippie kind of way. She's quirky, skeptical, and reads a lot.

With a firm grasp on who I am when I wear my author hat, I decided to commit to the image and start projecting it. That's why I debuted my author persona image on my recently created TikTok profile. (You can follow Author Micki on TikTok @inspiredscribe.)

Author Micki Bare

What says quirky hippie with a side of sarcasm better than big vine rimmed glasses adorned with flowers, leaves, and a star encrusted moon?

I teamed up with an incredibly talented and like-minded local jewelry artist to create custom quirky, outdoorsy, hippie glasses, which Author Micki will don moving forward.

When I gave Jacquie Reininger (find her on Etsy) a general description of Author Micki and told her I needed "glasses" to project her image, she ran with it. She created something better than I could've imagined, yet exactly what I needed.

Like superheroes that came before me—yes, writer moms with day jobs are superheroes—when you see me in these glasses, that's when I'm your friendly neighborhood super author. When you see me without them, I'm simply mother, wife, aunt, daughter, caregiver, marketing director, mentor, and/or friend, just to name a few hats.

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