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Sacrificing produce for "The Dream"

I've submitted the manuscript for my first book to my publisher. I'm working on bolstering my author platforms ahead of its release in May 2022, my marketing plan, and developmental edits to book number two.

Withered Cucumber on vine

And I'm still working full time.

My day job is demanding. I'm a marketing director at a nonprofit agency. Most weeks I can get by working less than 50 hours. A few weeks a year, like the past couple, exceed 60. I've been okay with that, because I love what I do and it's fulfilling work—but it's not "The Dream."

My middle grade novels are "The Dream."

I spend much of my personal time devoted to ensuring the success of "The Dream." I'm getting better at prioritizing my personal goals. None of it seems like extra work because I absolutely love writing, editing, and doing the author thing. Honestly, I could spend all day every day doing the author work—that's how much I love it.

But we have to pay the bills.

I'm calling this year my transitional year. My goal is to be a full-time author. People do it. I can do it. I'm not expecting to get rich, but I do want to be able to pay the bills with the fruits of my writing labor and talent. That means In the meantime, I've got two full-time jobs. One as a marketing director and one as an author.

And that's why the tomatoes and cucumbers haven't been watered lately.

The other hobbies, like gardening and reading, are not getting the time and devotion they did before I signed the contract. I've lost a few overripe tomatoes and a couple of dried and withered cucumbers. The plants are no longer thriving. It's also taking me forever to read a friend's YA manuscript and another friend's published novel. But I'll get there.

"The Dream" is within my grasp.

Sacrificing late summer produce is worth it. Our local wild rabbits are perfectly fine with my lack of attention to our mini-garden. Taking more time to get through my stack of reading is worth it. They'll all eventually be read. If my transitional year gets stretched out to two years, that's okay too. My head is down and I'm headed forward.

My destination is "The Dream."

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