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Santa and the Pandemic

Now that it's December, I've been thinking a lot about Santa. He comes to our house every year, but we're in the middle of a pandemic. No one else is coming for Christmas this year. The relatives have to stay in their respective states. Gramms is stuck at the assisted living complex. And then there's Santa. When you consider Santa visits every house, you'd think he would be grounded by the World Health Organization.

Metal Santa Wallhanging

But then I remembered something. Santa worked during the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic. He filled stockings in the 1340s when the Black Death was at its peak. There have been lots of pandemics since the turn of the 2nd century A.D., when Santa got his start. But he always finds a way to deliver gifts without spreading disease.

So how does he do it? I've thought a lot about Santa going out on Christmas Eve during a pandemic because I have time. My "think time" greatly increased in 2020 ... at home ... avoiding COVID-19. So, here's what I deduced:

  1. Santa wears gloves. Sure, they keep his hands warm. But they also serve as a barrier for germs. I've watched all the movies. Not once have I seen a depiction of Santa in which he removes his gloves while making deliveries or makes deliveries with bare hands.

  2. Santa keeps his face covered. No, he doesn't wear a mask. But he does sport a thick covering of long, wavy whiskers that protect everything from his nostrils down to his chest. I'm guessing he's more protected with the white, fluffy mustache and beard than we are with our personalized, washable cloths masks.

  3. Santa keeps his distance. He chooses the middle of the night, when everyone is tucked under covers in their bedrooms to drop into the living room. And he doesn't stay long. He can't. He has too many stops to make. When he's done, he goes right on back to the North Pole where he quarantines with his reindeer and elves for 364 days. You know, just to be on the safe side.

I have no doubt at all that Santa will be dashing through the cold night once again with his reindeer leading the way in 2020. And if we follow his example, we'll get through this latest pandemic and soon be able to celebrate together. In good health. In person.

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