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Under the rainbow on the beach

The following is from my September 17, 2021 Facebook author page post:

This evening I took a walk on the beach. The sun was setting. I looked up and saw a beautiful rainbow. Then I saw people pausing on the sand. They looked. They took photos. Then I began to notice all the people on the beach. I saw lots of beautiful people of all ages and all sizes. I saw lots of beautiful people of every beautiful skin tone from dark to light. I saw a toddler with Down's Syndrome enjoying the wet sand with her siblings and parents. I heard different languages and music of all styles. And there was laughter and smiles and happiness everywhere I looked. And peace. And love. And compassion. The world we strive for does exist. It is possible. I know, because I witnessed it under the rainbow on the beach.

My heart is full because the above story is 100% nonfiction. It was my walk on the beach tonight.

I captured the following video clip on the walk that inspired the above observation on September 17, 2021:

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