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Mother's Day float postponed

Every year since we installed the pool, I've celebrated Mother's Day by floating on the crystal clear water in a floatie chair. Whether it was 65 degrees or 80, I was out there. Last year, I broke in a new floatie chair for Mother's Day.

Micki Bare floating in pool on Mother's Day
My 2020 Floatie Chair

This year, my Mother's Day float is not to be. This year, the pool is not yet open. This year, we're waiting on a new pool liner.

Why not just go get one and have installed, you ask?

We've been trying to do that since last August when we realized it was time for a replacement. Receding water tipped us off at the end of last pool season that we needed to do some maintenance. So we ordered a liner.

Then why haven't you installed it, you ask?


Yes, the pandemic has interrupted the production of pool liners. Production dropped extensively for oval pool liners in particular. And we, of course, have an oval pool. The liner we ordered last fall was never produced, so last February we ordered a different one. It's scheduled to ship in early June.

And while postponing my float is disappointing, I really can't complain. It's Mother's Day and my family is healthy and happy. We've weathered the pandemic well, especially compared to many. And for that, I'll be eternally grateful.

Today, I won't float. But I will spend time enjoying the company of all three of my sons. I will spend time in my garden. I will call my mom and wish her a happy Mother's Day. And I will read, write, and relax with Hubby. I'm extremely fortunate—which I don't take lightly and understand better than ever how fleeting such fortune is.

Meanwhile, maybe Hubby will get to celebrate the 2021 pool opening with a Father's Day float. Maybe I'll get him a new floatie chair.

Happy Mother's Day!

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